Blog Post on Trust

Is trust "nice-to-have" or a business imperative? 

We've all been taught that trust is important at work. But but does trust really matter or is it simply "nice-to-have"?

Does trust, or lack of it, affect team performance and impact the bottom line? Do some teams need it more than others do? Does trust in your team members matter or is trusting your team leader enough? Let's examine what team science can tell us about these questions...

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gOE helping NASA prep for mission to Mars

gOE, the team behind DebriefNow, is working on a three-year research grant from NASA to study how to best compose and develop long-duration space flight (LDSF) teams, for example, the crew that would fly a mission to Mars. Long-duration space missions present unique challenges, including some not even faced by prior space crews.

On Teams blog

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